Marathon Course Description

This is a rolling hills (no climbs, but not the flattest ever) marathon course.    It is a USATF certified course (Cert # MA14004JK)  which means you can use it as a Boston Qualifier.  Marathon Certification .PDF Map HERE MA14004JK


BQ marathon               massachusetts marathon

Click on the image below to get a detailed elevation map

marathon in massachusetts elevation map

In comparison:

Earth Rock Run = Total Elevation Gain of 554ft

Boston Marathon = 544ft  Total Gain

Bay State Marathon = 526ft Total Gain

Yes, Boston has a net elevation loss, but overall gain throughout the course is very similar.

Download this .pdf Chart to see more marathon comparisons!  (created by

Turn By Turn -

Parking and start is at the Osgood Facility (old Lucent Tech property)

  • Start @ 1600 Osgood St (rt 125) – Go south….away from Haverhill (for those not from around here, it is pronounced “Havral”….)
  • Bear Left onto Osgood St. (right around mile 2)
  • Straight onto Stevens St. (osgood bears right)
  • Left onto Pleasant St. (@ mile 3)
  • Left onto Great Pond Rd.
  • Right onto Marbleridge
  • Left onto Salem St.
  • Left onto Foster St (@ mile 6)
  • Left onto Winter
  • Right onto S. Bradford
  • Right onto Great Pond Rd.
  • Bear left staying on Great Pond Rd
  • Stay straight across Rt 133…changes to Bradford St.
  • Left onto Osgood St.
  • 13.1 finish at 1600 Osgood – 26.2 will repeat same loop.
  • Party and awards will be across the street on the Osgood property


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