Sub 5 has linked with many of the best apparel shops throughout the nation. We provide links here to shop at will for your favorite apparel items. Click on any area that you would like to shop. We note that many of the companies are affiliate links and therefore we receive a small commission for pointing you to them. Others are companies that we use for a variety of items and will help you purchase at a discount. So, thank you for coming to Sub 5-please feel free to shop away.

Under Armour: at the top of the list is Under Armour, my kids absolutely love anything from them and wear their tech tops proudly. So, needless to say, Sub 5 is totally behind this company and the good they are doing for the endurance world.

Green Layer Sports: provides some of the best race tech tops available. Great for the Race Director looking for low prices and high quality apparel.

Trailheads: when it comes to covering your head, Trailheads does it better than any others that we have found. A great variety of hats and accessories.

Walmart: they continue to be the leader in many things. As a race director we purchase many items at low cost from Walmart. They have great folding tables and chairs at very reasonable prices. Also, all of our registration supplies come from Walmart.

Reebok: some of the best shoes, clothing and accessories in the business. For a recreational runner their shoes provide comfort and the clothing is reasonably priced.

Skechers: they continue to improve on athletic shoe design and are balancing comfort with improved running mechanics. Some of the best runners in the world wear Skechers. One thing to note the higher the heel or greater the cushion on the shoe the more likely you will over stride. Therefore, we suggest that you choose the flatter designs.

Sportsman’s Guide: like Cabelas, Sportsman’s Guide has a great variety of apparel for the outdoor athlete.

Leftlane Sports: has a wide variety of the popular brands of shoes, apparel, and gear for your running pleasure.

US Outdoor: has a wide variety of popular brands of apparel and gear. They also have a variety of camping/ hiking gear for those looking to stay outdoors in between runs.

Cabelas: they are not just for hunting and fishing. We have found that their outerwear is great for early and late season running, especially in the winter.