me and wife

working hard on the Key West Half Marathon

Sub 5 Racing (or Sub 5 Race Management LLC) is a family owned race management company based in NH.   Chris & Becky come to the scene with more than 20 years experience in the endurance industry, either racing or organizing races.  During his “previous life” in industrial sales and website marketing, Chris would use competitive running as his outlet from sitting at a desk staring at html all day (& sometimes all night).  If he wasn’t running, he was thinking about running.  Becky was there to make sure he stayed focused enough to pay the bills &  keep the children alive (which she has done successfully).

After working as a minion setting up races on weekends to earn some extra cash for a few years, Chris & Becky decided to take the logistic, marketing & racing experience (being an actual competitor helps to see sides of the races other “organizers” miss) & take a “run”  at managing races themselves. (Chris has been competing for over 20 years & at age 43,  can still throw down a low 16’s 5k and 4:30something mile)

chris reach the beach

Chris on a midnight stroll at RTB

Sub 5 quickly grew into the “problem solving” RD’s with many events calling them in a pinch with an impossible situation (like a poorly designed race course where a commuter train went through a 4000 person 5k in Philadelphia…not kidding).

For over 7 years Chris & Becky have managed & directed competitive events from 1 mile to 50k, fun run events (think, color run) and trail races from Caribou, Maine to Key West Florida to San Diego and a myriad of cities in between.  We have managed races up to 15k humans on a 5k course in downtown Chicago.

Our experience makes us unique in that we have worked with 15+ major metropolitan areas around the US and have been told something is impossible more times than we can count….only to pull it off.  Our phones are full of local contacts to get the job done in unimaginable timelines.  We were a part of the team that got the largest night time powder fun run on earth (averaging 5k/runners per event) from 3 events to 50 events/ year in just 2 years.

We have crews that we can pull from all corners of the US and a main crew based here in NH complete with experienced RD’s and piles of “minions” who consider a 15 hour day…a “day off”.

We would love to hear from you to see what challenges you can throw our way.  Please feel free to call our office anytime ( we really don’t hold true to any set hours) @ 603.899.3210 or Chris’s cell @ 603.801.5757.

Come visit us at our flagship event at Jay Peak, Vermont for our Jay Peak Family Trail Running Festival on Labor Day Weekend!

5k races in new england

Becky with her sister n law (chris’s sister) & daughter at the Friends 5k in Portsmouth, NH


fb post pineland

chris taking the win at the pineland farms 5k…too muddy for shoes that day.


2015 jay workers

some of the minions after a 6 race trail race weekend.