The Set Up

We had the great opportunity to help a fellow race director this weekend. Heidi Thompson from Heat Event Management and her Dam Triathlon (yes, that is the name-takes place on Gardner Lake in Amesbury). Our job was to help with set up then the transition area on race day. If you have never had the pleasure of organizing a triathlon, it is a wonder how a regular old parking lot and lake can be transformed into race central with a bunch of barriers, buoys, and bike racks. Of course, there is more to it than that but within hours this place looked ship shape and ready for the race.

Racers on Your Mark

Tomorrow will come and the race will happen and while Heidi and her team  put in countless hours, because of their planning and efforts most things will go unnoticed. Not because they missed something but because when you do a good job, people don’t see that it took 5 guys to set up 100 or so barriers, or someone had to kayak out and set up the buoys, or those bike racks were set up by hand. So, whenever you get to your next race, thank the director, the staff, and the volunteers because without them this wouldn’t have happened.

Why Do We Do This

We do this for the love of the sport and the love of others. Race well.