Not Quite Kenyan

Bibs in Front

Bibs in front and other tips for your first race

I recently attended a race director meeting and came to realize that much of what we know as race directors should be common sense. The world over sees Olympians flying into stadiums garnering the cheers of the crowd. We all […]

All Runners Are Special

Are you a special runner even though you don’t finish first? Yes, says me.

full-sized-promo-80Running is more popular today than ever…when early man ran, it wasn’t to share fun and a cup of Gatorade over your most recent run; they ran for survival. But now we run for recreation. We […]

What are people so afraid of…the barefoot dilemma

I spent today at the local apple harvest day handing out raffle tickets to win a $50 gift certificate to our local running specialty store. I love this particular store and have purchased many items in the past. Today though the irony struck me, I was raffling off a […]

It takes time.

I had just finished a workout with my friend Vince and I was driving home when I realized that ‘it takes time.’ For the better part of the year I have been saddled with one injury or illness that has kept me on the sidelines and wondering when I […]

What does a speed workout look like? My surprising answer.

I must admit when I have done speed and interval training in the past I was very regimented. I set a goal for the day and went out and went for it. Today, I did another type of interval training, and I call it touch football. I decided to […]

To push off or not push off

Now that I have looked at foot strike and commented on that ‘a lot’ I want to add some thoughts about the end of the stance phase or pushing off. There are some in the running form world that don’t believe that runners should push off at the end […]

Do you see what I see, no future Olympians

I really enjoyed watching my son run track in the spring but I was quite dismayed by the scene at each track meet. It was as if the kids were on a summer picnic and not preparing for a track race. First, I scanned the bleachers and this is […]

Post Card Drops

Promotion 101

While post card dropping has been around for some time, Sub 5 has found that it is a good way to provide valuable information to your target market. I was at the Cranmore Mountain Trail Fest yesterday and passed out over 300 post cards for our Jay Peak […]

My Thoughts About Running

What do I believe with running…right now?

First and foremost I believe that the starting point for running is ‘shoeless’ or barefoot. We come into this world without shoes and develop naturally until someone, usually a parent, puts a pair of shoes on us. We then spend the next 50, […]

Bouys, Barriers, and Bike Racks

The Set Up

We had the great opportunity to help a fellow race director this weekend. Heidi Thompson from Heat Event Management and her Dam Triathlon (yes, that is the name-takes place on Gardner Lake in Amesbury). Our job was to help with set up then the transition area on […]