“The strong man is the one who is able to intercept at will the communication between the senses and the mind. “
-Napoleon Bonaparte

How well written and maintained your website is leads to the following:

  • You get better search engine rankings; it seems creepy, but Google, Bing and Yahoo can actually “read” your website. They’re in your head…and since they are, let’s give them something good to read.
  • You get more website visitors. On initial glance, interesting text will separate you from the many races listed next to yours…and thus attract people to click on it.  Duh.

Anecdote Interlude: We once had someone tell us that they choose boring, low ranking sites because they feel bad for them. If you are like that we can’t help you.

  • You get more registrations.  A person can get very excited about a race that they never intended to run by either:
  1. peer pressure, a service not currently offered by Sub 5, or
  2. a well written website; which is what we do

Sub 5 Race Management has the resources to create an effective (read: well designed and written) website.  Email us HERE to learn more…and no, your email does not have to be well written, just clear and to the point.