I had just finished a workout with my friend Vince and I was driving home when I realized that ‘it takes time.’ For the better part of the year I have been saddled with one injury or illness that has kept me on the sidelines and wondering when I would be healed enough and strong enough to tackle another Reach the Beach Relay as part of an ultra team or better yet, do an ultra which has been a silent goal for many years.

Endurance events have as long as I can remember been a part of who I am. I have not always been the fastest or greatest endurance runner but I seem to go from one endurance event to the next. Looking for a challenge. Now that I am in arguably the worst shape of my life, including the time I broke 2 vertebrae in my neck as a teenager, I hope to regain my strength and endurance to push my limits and return to the proverbial ‘endurance’ ring. With that said I know that my body is slowing responding to medicines and also I am slowly getting used to the workouts that Vince is putting me through, but I know deep down within me that it is going to take a long time to return to my previous level of strength and endurance. I am willing to wait and one thing that I continue to use as my mantra is “I have time”. Meaning I have the time to slowly recover and change my focus on healing to training-this process is not going to happen over night but deep in my heart it is going to happen. Just going to take some time.

For everybody that is struggling with one thing or another take hope that it will happen if you move forward one day at a time. Don’t expect big leaps but little steps and don’t give up. As I was reading Born to Run for the gozillionth time I am reminded that if you think you need to take 2 or 3 steps up a steep section on the trail it is best to take 4 or 5. So take the time and steps necessary and you will get there.

God Bless.