Online Advertising Services for the masses (or for those who are serious about maximizing their marketing budgets)

Directory Optimization

Sub5 Racing will add your race to every applicable race directory that we know exists.  There are larger, well known race directories, like, but do not underestimate some of the smaller, new directories.  We know them all and will make sure you are there.

If you are an existing race, we will update your listings if you are already there and optimize them to allow them to stand out more.

Many of these directories offer paid links and ad opportunities.  We will advise you on whether or not a paid ad is worth it based on your goals.

If local directories are applicable (based on location), we will work local running groups and directories to make sure your listing & link is appropriately placed.


Online Ad Design

Sub5 can design an ad for maximum effect and conversion to be placed under specific online race directories.


PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign

Sub5 can create a custom PPC campaign within your budget (& recommend a budget).  We will monitor the campaign to increase quality scores (which will lower your costs) increase conversions and minimize click fraud.


Email us here for more information on any online advertising avenues.