Maximize Revenues/ Reduce Costs

One of the most difficult things for a race director to do is to call on potential sponsors. However, sponsorship is how a race can maximize revenues, pay for many aspects of your race thereby reducing costs, and leave more money left to present to your beneficiary. The sponsor benefits by gaining access to their target market for direct marketing. We encourage our sponsors to provide coupons, discount cards, or other marketing tools for your participants so that they extend their advertising benefit.


Sub 5 relieves the race director of the burden of gaining sponsorship by contacting potential sponsors (financial and in-kind) and presenting your event to them. We will help you design a sponsor packet that fits your event’s needs and use this to attract sponsorship.

How It Works

We charge an up front fee to prepare for seeking sponsorship then get a percentage of all that we take in. The up front fee includes initial research/ communication about your event followed by creating potential sponsor lists and a custom-designed sponsor packet. Working on a commission basis helps the race director as they do not have to pay anything (after the initial fee) until we have gained sponsorship for their race.

Types of Sponsorship

There are two different types of sponsorship: Financial and In-Kind. Financial sponsorships pay directly for advertising their product or service through your event while In-Kind sponsorship provides goods or services that reduce the cost of your race. Both types are beneficial but hit the bottom line from different directions; Financial increases revenues while In-Kind reduces costs.

We will work with you to determine the amount and mix of sponsorship that is needed for your race.

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