USATF Course Certification

According to the USATF, “the purpose of the USATF course certification program is to produce road courses of accurately measured distances.” We have been measuring road courses since 2006 adhering to the strict course measurement and certification procedures as set by the USATF.

While course certification seems like it is just for the elite runners, we find that it is also for the recreational runner. Recreational runners likes to know the accuracy of a distance so they can compare their results to past events at that distance. A race that isn’t measured properly will not be accurate and therefore, not a good metric for comparison.

Measure/ Mark/ Map/ Certify

The Sub 5 team will measure, mark, and map the course, then file the appropriate paperwork to the USATF State Certifier. The process, depending on the time of year (winter is a bear for measurement) it usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to gain certification for a course. However, if you have a course that you would like measured it is best to contact us early in the process to allow for any unforeseen impediments.

Sub 5 Course Measurement Fee Schedule

Our fees, which include an initial phone consultation, are as follows:

Certification Fees for Website

Sub 5 Certification Fee Schedule

We will try to determine additional costs at the time of the initial phone call. These initial costs may include the distance we have to travel to your course, the difficulty of or changes to the course, and additional resources that we may need to complete your measurement. If we determine, during the measurement, that the course needs to be changed we will contact you directly. We will openly discuss the needs and gain verbal approval prior to performing any changes.

Email us today at to have your course certified

Sample Course Certification Maps

Manchester Marathon Map

Manchester City Marathon, Manchester, NH Certification Map

Loco Indoor Half Marathon Map

Indoor Half Marathon, Milford, NH Certification Map

course measurement and certification

Cambridge 5k, Cambridge MA Certification Map

Childrens Museum 5k map

Children’s Museum 5k, Dover, NH Certification Map