I must admit when I have done speed and interval training in the past I was very regimented. I set a goal for the day and went out and went for it. Today, I did another type of interval training, and I call it touch football. I decided to level the playing field with my boys and go barefoot for our game. It started out very much the same as usual with Levi and I dominating every facet of the game but that is a story for another time.

In a matter of 30 minutes I had accumulated about 50 strides and gentle sprints with minor corrections on form throughout the game. Levi passed the ball beautifully and I could run down the side line, cut to the middle and off onto the grass after being tagged by Ben or Luke. On defense it was back pedaling followed by a quick move to intercept and run down the side lines again being tagged by Ben or Luke.

I realized after the game that my feet while a little chafed from the pavement did not hurt or have any strains to speak about. I got some anaerobic and agility work all while bare foot. So, when you don’t think you have time to sneak in a workout grab some kids, hopefully your own, and play some touch football or soccer or any other team sport. You will have fun, build your relationship with your kiddos and get a workout in as well.

By the way, Levi and I beat Ben and Luke 5 to 3…this time.